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About Paul Burgin

Paul Burgin

Managing Director

Having first worked in the hotel and restaurant management industry, Paul is no stranger to a rapid, sometimes gruelling work environment. He maintains that the key to success in any marketplace is having the right attitude and a comprehension of exactly what each customer and client needs. 

After making the decision to move into a legal recruitment position with a prominent firm, Paul began to grow dissatisfied with the impersonal methods employed to secure business. Candidates approaching recruitment firms as individuals were looking for guidance, not someone to lump them with a hundred similar applicants, only to be scattered to a range of firms that their skillset may not be remotely suited for.

This is when Paul decided to marry his skill for personal relations with his genuine desire to give candidates and clients the guidance they needed. He created Hunters Legal, a recruitment service that invests its time and energy equally into candidates as well as clients, ensuring that those who are searching for an upgrade in their career, or a change of pace, can have a personal, tailored service guaranteed to prioritise their ambition within the legal industry. 

Paul prides himself on his willingness to sit down and listen to the specific needs and desires of every client that approaches Hunters Legal. He has years of experience, along with an unparalleled drive to ensure client satisfaction; he is the person you want at your back, as a guide and motivator, until you have found the right fit for you. 

Contact Paul directly via telephone or email to work with him on your journey towards a brighter, more rewarding career.